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Pacific Is attends Pacific Network Operators Group conference & Training ....posted 08Jul13

Over 40 delegates from Tonga, PNG, Solomon Is, Kiribati, Marshall Is, Samoa, American Samoa, Tokelau, Cook Is and Fiji attended the recent workshop and training on ISP-IP telecommunications network and systems.

Held from 1st to 5th July in Nuku'alofa Tonga, the PacNOG 13th Educational workshop and training provided an opportunity for ISP/IP engineers to exchange on network operational topics as well as get hands-on training on specific IP networks and systems engineering topics.

Back to Basics and fundamentals being the event theme, there were two 4-days training tracks on:
(1) Introduction to Network Routing and Basic Level BGP workshop, and
(2) TCP/IP Fundamentals & Linux Administration.

PacNOG13 was kindly hosted by the Tonga Communications Corporation, and trainers provided by Network Start-up Resource Centre NSRC, and the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre  APNIC.

Held twice a year in June and November, PITA regionally coordinates for contents, participations and venue with its partners APNIC, NSRC, ICANN, and Pacific Island network operators

Attendees for Track 1 on Routing:

Attendees for Track 2 on Systems:


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