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Kiribati ATHKL new broadband and telecoms upgraded to 3G/4G......posted17Dec15

Yesterday, ATHKL, a fully owned subsidiary of ATH (Amalgamated Telecom Holdings) based in Fiji launched it new 3G/4G mobile broadband services in Kiribati.

ATHKL taking over the telecom services provided by the then sole service provider, Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd, began its operations in Kiribati in June 2015.

Users in the South and Northern Tarawa, and Abaiang in Kiribati will now begin to feel the positive experience of the new broadband network with faster broadband internet speeds, improved quality of services on calls, sms, international roaming, and data services with 5 of the 10 new sites commissioned being 4G enabled.

More is expected as the launch was only its first phase with expansion phases to follow in the aim to bring about improvements, modern and affordable telecommunication services in the nation..the Press Release reported. complement the launch, ATHKL also released new price-ranged handsets of A$19 for 2G mobile phone, and A$50 for 3G smartphone

to view the Press Release, click here 

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