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The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Service Managers met to discuss service issues and raising quality of services in the region ..posted 18/8/05

The service issues meeting was held in Nadi, Fiji on 27-29 July 2005 and attended by 11 Pacific Islands Carriers and 3 major customers in the regionObjective


The primary objective of this working group was; to develop and agree the framework best suited for improving quality of service performances in the Pacific Islands.

The preferred framework must be cost effective, doable and have the flexibility to be adapted to future technology solutions.

Key Tactics Identified

This working group recognises that to achieve our primary objective, we must first identify and develop key tactics, some of which are as follows;

  • Identify then develop toolsets and other essential support capabilities.

  • Identify the Pacific Islands Service issues and prioritise so that our limited resources are targeted to address critical problem areas first.

  • Increase the co-operations amongst members and further grow operational relationships through the use of Operational Level Agreements.

  • Engage our customers and Vendors in some of our discussions, but not necessary at the same time.

Key Tasks

Some critical Tasks were identified as key to delivering the right outcomes include;

  • Establishing Bench-Marking programs for voice, data and IP based services etc.

  • Develop a SMO Web-Page but leveraging of the existing PITA Web-Site.

  • Develop a PITA SMO e-group for Near Real Time, Online Communications amongst members; sharing knowledge, communicate and discuss major issues and case studies, communicate security issues etc.

  • Better utilisation of Operational Level Agreements between Service Providers, between Service Providers and Customers or between Service Providers and Vendors.

  • Maintain a Service Management & Operational Issues Register, with defined levels of priorities.

  • Engage our customers and vendors, where necessary, on key service performance discussions.

  • Increase visibility of our performances in the region, identify improvement opportunities then focus our limited resources on developing the most cost effective support capabilities.

  • Conduct regular quarterly audios to progress action plan and develop an e2e service framework today that can also be adapted to the future.

  • Etc, etc


The success of the NADI meeting is a tribute to all the participants and their contributions over a 3 day period.  Some of the positive outputs from the meeting are reflected in our Action Plan and Minutes. However, our expected outcomes can only be realised with continued commitments from members, driven by the passions to improve the QoS and overall performances in the Pacific Island region.  

PITA SMO Work Group




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