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Sharing across regional members as one of the Strategies for e-Applications ..27Nov17

Workshop Title - as in Picture above

Having different groups consisting of Operators, Platform & Application Creators and Consumers, Regulators, Government, and Industry, the workshop used these different groupings to analyse, simulate and develop key questions and answers, on Strategies for Telecoms in the Pacific - for the Next Five Years.

The workshop, held over 2 days continuing from the PITA NGN Forum, identified and deliberated on a number of key requirements, such as emerging priority and opportunity areas, key applications,  how to develop collaborative and confidence building frameworks, considering best business and sustainable models, and exchange on regulatory enablers;

Considering the new inroads within PITA members, existing relationships and platforms, some of the areas that PITA will consider taking lead into, include:

  • collaborating on the need for greater inter-connectivity and network diversity amongst members, application sharing across Pacific Island countries, network roaming and least cost as raised from the earlier PITA NGN forum
  • capitalizing on various inroads and initiatives made by leading members of PITA such as in broadband access, international connectivity, digital platforms and digital lifestyles like with  IPTv, Mobile Money, E-Tansport, E-Tourism and other emerging or existing platforms and application, etc
  • working with members and partners in finding the technical and business answers on regional sharing followed by confidence building; -
  • supporting modernization, and consistency of networks and service capabilities across the region by platform and applications sharing, exchange and sharing of expertise, experience
  • the need on answering the principle issues and requirements on DATA and APPLICATION residency & sharing across different countries
  • enabling priority eServices such as digital finance, emergency telecom and e-services
  • and more

A list of Action Items was developed for advancing them at relevant forums

The workshop was conducted by the collaborations of PITA and ITU, and supported by the Australian Department of Communications, the Thailand Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, and the Ministry of Communications Fiji..

For any questions contact the PITA Manager.

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