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PacNOG21 workshops on Virtualisation, Cloud & IP Networking Security...posted 12Dec17

Held twice a year, this special technical workshop training, at PacNOG, targets the IP/ISP network engineers from the Pacific, to meet exchange and be trained, on topics of need for operating, maintaining, and developing internet and internet based telecommunication networks.

At PacNOG21, hosted by the Tonga Communications Corporation in Tonga on 4th to 8th December, two new specialized workshop, hands on training was held, namely on:

  1. Workshop on internet & IPv6 Infrastructure Security
  2. Workshop on Virtualisation and Cloud Computing

The 4 days workshop was preceded by half day conference on IP/ISP Network topics followed by an introductory/ refresher training on Linux and Network Routing.

Delegates commended very highly on the expertise of the trainers, and quality content of the program, in particularly with the timely workshop for addressing the technical and engineering questions and hands on need that they have on internet security, network virtualisation and cloud services.   

PacNOG21 was made possible through the collaborations of PITA, APNIC, ICANN, NRSC and ITU ASP CoE.

For any questions, contact the PITA Manager.

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