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CEOs discusses challenges & potential opportunities....posted 20Jan18

With the opportunity to meet before the PITA meetings and PTC'18 in Honolulu, the CEOs and some senior management team were not to waste any time in getting to an informal meeting and  discussed, exchanged on various hot CEO topics.

This CEO forum held on 19 January 2018 preceding the PTC'18 conference in Honolulu raised a number of engaging discussions, some of which included common areas that delegates agreed will need further advancing to relevant forums and PITA working groups; as follows;
  • the growing regulatory issues, challenges that members face and the need of a mechanisms where members across the region can share experiences, knowledge and costs. 
  • the need on how to address or regulate some donor conditions
  • focusing on ALL DATA strategies and business plans
  • PITA satellite sharing for back ups and other potentials
  • strategies on dealing with overhead costs in disaster recovery
  • unlocking new potentials with in PITA

The forum was concluded by a sponsored lunch by Redcom Laboratories and followed by a Disaster and Emergency response workshop.
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