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PITA members deliberate workplan2018 & hear new developments ...posted21Jan18

source: PITA Members Meeting, 20 Jan 2018, Honolulu.

The PITA Members Meeting held every January around the PTC conferences provide timely opportunity for members to review and preliminary discuss the annual work plan for 2018.

Work plans will include projects and activities stemming from the needs, and common priorities of members.

The PITA Members Meeting heard from the brief reports of 2017 that PITA, in addition to the administrative and development activities, it had also organised and was involved in 27 meetings in 2017 that included the AGM, various technical meetings and training organised for PITA Members, and participating in meetings of interests organised by other parties. These meetings and training in many ways had contributed to developments and upgrades embarked by members as seen with the launching of 4G and 4G+ networks across many members in 2017, the submarine cable planning and negotiations, new bilateral opportunities by members for sharing applications and core network functions, and new strategy developments and inclusions geared for 2018 and onwards.

The PITA Manager reported to the meeting, that with the regular events such as for the AGM, NGN forum and ITU Centre of Excellence and PacNOG training, three new workshops were added to cover the need on developing Business Continuity Plans for members, on exchanging and training forum for Marketing, and on enhancing access to submarine cables in the Pacific.

Capacity Building & organising relevant forums for country exchange on priority topics, remain one of the key components of the PITA work plan. 

Other components of the PITA work plan could consist of business meetings, development plans, projects, as well as, technical cooperation and assistance amongst members, and working groups formed to study options for

  • new technical developments;
  • matters and issue which may affect members and the region, and
  • matters which may assist the Association in achieving its objects of promoting, developing telecommunications, and representing the interest of small islands in the Pacific, in the field of telecommunications.

PITA will discuss and finalise its annual work plan at the AGM in April.

There were 137 delegates that moved in and out of the PITA Members Meeting from 61 different member organisations and 5 observer organisations. The meeting was held on 20 January 2018, one day before the PTC'18 was opened 

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