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Reimagining regional connectivity ..22Jan18

"The time to re-imagine the connected Pacific can be never more timely with the information revolution that could be a reality from new submarine cables now planned for almost every country in the region.", delegates heard at the Panel Sessions of a Connected Pacific held at the PITA Members Meeting and extended into the Pacific Workshop at PTC'18 Conference.

Delegates also heard from the satellite industry who shared that with the availability of MEOs and LEOs, the rural and maritime islands could now be included in the new and cost-effective technology options,  for the digital transformations, interconnectivity, and the drive for ubiquitous access.  

Speakers from the industry, as well as from the Pacific Operators, shared their view on what could be envisioned given that the Pacific is to be more connected, and where contents and applications could now be focused upon, for changing the lives of the Pacific people

The discussions were held over two panel sessions at the PITA Members Meeting and continued at the Pacific Workshop at PTC'18.

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