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APT releases Preliminary APT Common Proposal for WRC15....Sep15

The Asia Pacific Telecommunity [APT] has already commenced its preliminary process to finalise what it would be submitting as APT Common Proposal (ACP) to the international meeting of the World Radiocommunication Conference in November 2015. (WRC15)

One of the many strong positions expressed in the preparatory process leading to this preliminary stage have been with the Pacific Island countries as well as a number of Asia countries on the need to protect the lifeline connectivity of "C Band"

The PACP will now be the final stage to have this position endorsed to become a common position of the APT to the international meeting and decision making forum at the World Radiocommunication conference 2015.

Proposals lacking the endorsement of less than 9 member administrations will be dropped from APT's list of common proposals, and will certainly lose the benefit and strength of common voice of the Asia Pacific region.

Member administrations should note the deadline of 18 September 2015 to submit their positions

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