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Telikom PNG upgrades network & access ....posted 08Jul13

Telikom PNG reports that its major project currently undertaken includes the increased planning and provisioning for the fast growing traffic from the economic boom at the resource sector as well as from the growing demand for broadband type services and awareness of edge enabled technologies.

It stated at the recent Pacific Network Operators Group conference held in Nuku'alofa that it has started major upgrades on its key terrestrial bearer array of microwave networks, has started working with the government for the national broadband and information system and introducing carrier grade wifi networks in key urban and semi-urban areas.

Telikom PNG is the incumbent telecommunications services provider in PNG and operates two international submarine cable landing stations and a satellite earth station, VSAT and Microwave array for rural connectivity, national fixed telephone and wireless CDMA networks, Internet services and international gateway amongst other wholesale and retail telecommunication services.

Including Telikom PNG and its subsidiaries, there are a total of 6 ISPs and three mobile network operators in PNG two with GSM and one CDMA, serving a population of over 7 million, with majority spread in the rural and remote terrains of PNG. PNG's GDP per capita is USD1,844 (2011)

Additional information: Telecom players in PNG include:

ISPs: Daltron Ltd, Datanet by Digicel PNG Ltd, Datec ISP, Global Technologies, Hitron & Telinet by Telikom PNG

Mobile Operators: Digicel PNG Ltd, BeMOBILE both operating GSM, & Citifon of Telikom PNG operating CDMA

Fixed line/Network provider: Telikom PNG (and other services as mentioned)


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