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Small Islands concern on GSMA fees...posted 11Jul13

PITA Members who are also GSMA members have raised their grave concern on the negative impact of the latest increase in GSMA fees. In a quick comparison with GSMA fees schedule, the minimum fees threshold (Tier 7) where most of the small islands in the Pacific fit in, are based on a minimum subscriber base of 1 million or annual mobile turnover of 1 billion USD.

Here's a quick comparison at the low end of the small islands:
-for population: Cook Is. 15k; Tuvalu 10.8k, Niue 1.4k
-for subscribers: Cook Is. 12k. (Tuvalu & Niue even lesser)

A common letter of concern on this imbalance and for a review has been sent to the division of the GSMA handling members services and followed up with the Director of this division and officials at the recent GSMA mobile expo in Shanghai, China. PITA certainly looks forward to an earlier review and relief for a more equitable fees basis. PITA is an essential player in raising awareness and mobile operator best practices & standardisations in the region with Fraud, NRTRDE, and collaborating to host GSMA technical and business activities and capacity development programs in the region.


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