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NTA Marshall Is opens up Internet ...posted 11Jul13

Marshallese are now experiencing greater internet speeds, thanks to the recent opening up of the unused submarine cable capacity and made available to users, according to the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) CEO Thomas Kijiner, stating "we are already paying for these capacities so why not use it to serve the public and businesses to benefit the country and telecom in return."

                               Thomas Kijiner

NTA has now set its vision beyond the Marshall Islands providing low cost and high speed internet connectivity to other Pacific Islands using its successful VSAT platforms recently implemented for its rural and outer island mobile and internet services. Mr Kijiner added, "expanding to the region help compensates for the general widespread of low disposable income prevailing in the Marshall Islands while also extending the benefits to neighbouring countries lacking the submarine cable packages and diversity in international connectivity."

The Marshall Islands island capitol Majuro is connected to the international digital highway with the Federated States of Micronesia (both formerly US Trustee islands), on loan by a commercial segment of the US military submarine cable running between Guam-Kwajalein. Population is around 55,000.

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