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Cook Is on track for fast internet ....posted 12Jul13

With the O3B Tier 1 antennas installed in March 2013, Telecom Cook Islands has now embarked on upgrading its cable network to ensure that the high speed and much improved latency with O3B fast internet service is available to all its customers. According to Mr Jules Maher, CEO of Telecom Cook Islands Ltd, having witnessed the launching of the first 4 Medium Earth Orbiting satellites from French Guyana last month said that were very much excited about the prospect of fast internet in the Cook Is in just a few months time."

He added, "We are also planning to upgrade our mobile networks next year to the 3rd generation level (3G) core and access networks for higher mobile data speeds and multimedia capability. These initiatives will definitely put the Cook Is on the digital highway map and customers will not only experience faster internet speeds but will have a wider choice of multi-media telecommunications services in their homes and in their hands.

cook is o3b
Jules Maher (3rd from Left) with ASTCA (American Samoa Telecom) &
O3B in French Guyana launch site

He further said that with the O3B beam capability (700kms wide), the Southern Group outer islands will also get a marked boost in internet services. "They too will enjoy high-speed, low-latency multimedia services," he said. The Cook Island radio broadcast services to the outer islands is already successfully provided over an internet platform.

The target date for O3B services is 1 Nov 2013 after a trial period of several weeks.

Telecom Cook Is Ltd, is a joint venture between Cook Is Government and Telecom NZ and currently is the sole telecommunications provider for Cook Islands. The country comprises an archipelago of 15 small islands (12 populated) and 15,000 resident population spread over an area of 2.2 million square kilometres, about four times the size of France!


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