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Developing Telecom costing models training.. posted 19Sept19

PITA held a Telecom Costing training for telecom Finance and Costing personnels

The overall objective of Telecom Costing requires that all cost item are known, and are correctly and fully allocated.

However, these are not as easy as it sounds with telecoms, having nationwide array of telecom networks, fixed line and wireless transmissions plants, equipment, all support equipment including buildings, and terminals, as well as staff costs, supplier costs, and external connectivity mediums such as submarine cable, satellite, and offshore costs. In addition to these, there is also the need to gather and calculate, and in all cases, to translate meticulously the utilisation of all these assets, to products, services and platform costs

The two days training attended by the finance and technical teams from 15 different organisation in 11 countries and held from 18-19 September,  focuses on building a foundation for participants to develop telecom cost models, with a theorical overview of frameworks, methodologies as well as extensive practical hands-on exercises to help understand distribution and allocation of costs, methodologies of costing, use of software templates, and using contexts from the Pacific Islands

The training was provided by Parcus Group

For more information, contact the PITA Manager

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