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Cyber Security forum for Network Operators in Pacific Islands..............posted 24Nov08

Following the recent training and stakeholder seminar by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) on:

  • Critical resource security
  • Network security and forensics
  • Internet resource management essentials (IRME)
  • Internet service fundamentals
the need for a forum where network operators can share and exchange on cyber security issues, risks and needs is now essential.

To be raised at the members meeting in Honolulu in January, the formation of such forum for cyber security combined with the PITA Fraud Forum will be an effective means to consolidate and attract synergies in dealing with these very closely related subjects.

The APNIC and PITA training & Seminar program held in Suva FIJI was the first in a series of similar programs to be conducted around major centres of the Pacific including PNG, Samoa, Tahiti and the Micronesia region.

The training and seminar series which involves hands-on training and seminar to stakeholders is expected to strengthen the skills and knowledge level of operators and administrators and to provide opportunities for awareness, exchnage on key issues on cyber/internet security, internet essentials and critical resources and to hlep address on the growing need to minimize security vulnerability and increasing cybercrime.

Network operators, service providers, and administrators of IP networks are encouraged to attend the training series and sign up to the forum once details will be finalised.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Fred Christopher

Manager, PITA

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