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Lightning strikes causes telecom blackouts....posted 16 July 07

The two recents cases of communication blackouts by lighting strikes has shown our vulnerability in the Pacific Islands to natural events

Tuvalu and Niue were both hit on separate occassions in a space of within a month and caused blackout to public systems including telephone, mobile and internet systems. With a majority of the services now back on line, the incidents have again reminded all players of the vulnerability and the severity that such event can cause at the national scale. Members are reviewing need to strengthen preventative measures and readiness to deal with such situations. In the case with Tuvalu, an expert engineer was flown in through the PITA Technical cooperation to assist with the need for the speedy return to normalcy.

While other measures are being taken, PITA is also organising a training on telecommunications Earthing protecting infrastructures from disasterous lightining strikes or power surges.

Information on this training is available on this website - in the upcoming events section.
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