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PITA moves its web hosting services........posted 22Aug14

PITA has moved its website hosting from Connect to Oceanic, another local company with web hosting services..

Mainly due to the inability of Connect to continue hosting the PITA website in its ColdFusion platform after a major upgrade at Connect back in 2013, the decision to move was finally made when Connect was unable to provide  solution after more than 3 months in a limbo state since March 2014 with a static website when Connect turned offline the dynamic website, restricting PITA to freely and independently update and manage contents.

Oceanic will now host the PITA website on the same Cold Fusion platform. It took a bit of work and time of 6 weeks to organise porting, re-engineer and restoring the website navigation links and features, but these were finally completed and tested, and finally switched on live last night (21 August 2014). The team are continuing work with the PITA Fraud Forum component.

Thanks to the capable Oceanic team in achieving these and giving new life to the website, and also to the Connect team for the needed cooperation to transfer all files across.

PITA apologies to its members for the delayed updates and would like to ascertain them of quickly bringing the site up to par with website services now back online 

Information on upcoming events, however, are fully updated with members now able to access information to these including also the ability to pre-register online.

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