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Tokelau Subamrine Cable Civil works -Requests for Pricing & Coordinator....posted 09May19

Two items::
1. Request for Civil Works Pricing
2. Request for Civil Works Coordinator

as follows:

Contract Number:  TT04/19
Tokelau Submarine Cable Civil Works

Teletok Tokelau invites submission of responses from suitably qualified and experienced organisations to undertake the civil works required in Tokelau to facilitate the landing of a submarine fibre optic cable network between the three island atolls of Tokelau namely, Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu. 

The scope of the project involves constructing Beach Manholes, Seaward Duct and Bulkhead, Fronthaul ducting between BMH and Cable Landing Station, and any required pulling or turning manholes required to facilitate the cable landing. 

The goal of the submarine cable project is to improve ICT connectivity in the atoll state of Tokelau, through the implementation of a submarine cable system.  The outcomes to be achieved are:

  • Improved ICT connectivity across all three atolls in Tokelau;
  • Reduction of costs to the retail consumer for Internet access;
  • Improvement of service performance of the international connection compared to the existing satellite service.

Southern Cross NEXT cable is also envisaged to be landing in Tokelau, Nukunonu during the latter half of 2020. 

Teletok envisage aligning submarine cable development activity in Tokelau starting in mid-2019.  Please note that this timeframe is indicative only and may be subject to change.

To assist in the preparation of your price quotation, the necessary specifications, bill of quantities and drawings, form for submitting the quotation and a draft contract form are available to prospective bidders upon request.

Please Note: Tokelau is only accessible via sea travel, however if you would like to visit the site of the works, this must be at your own expense. This project will require the Civils Contractor team to be located in Tokelau for extended periods. 

Specifications for the required submarine cable civil works can be provided to suitably qualified and interested parties. 

  • Deadline for submission of questions: 27th May 2019
  • Deadline for submission of Responses: 11th June 2019
  • Notification to preferred Respondent(s): Expected by end-June 2019
  • Contract and pricing negotiations: July 2019

If you are interested in submitting a price for this service activity and for all enquiries, please contact the following:

Chief Executive Officer
Tokelau Cable submarine civil works pricing
Project email:

2. Advertising Document for Civil Works Coordinator

Kindly refer to this advertising document below:

Click here for the Cable Civil works coordinator

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