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Telecom Cook Is extends cell sites to outer islands.....posted 21Mar2011

Telecom Cook Islands have installed two new cell sites in Manihiki, located in the Northern Outer Islands of the Cook Islands.

The installation of the cell sites into Manihiki comes after the success of installing and trialling a cell site set up in Mangaia late last year.

Telecom implemented the cell site in preparation for the full moon eclipse which took place in Mangaia back in August 2010, in an attempt to assess if the equipment was powerful enough to service the lagoon area of Manihiki where the cell site was to originally be moved onwards shortly after.

Once we installed the cell site in Mangaia we monitored the usage and it was remarkable, so a recommendation was made to leave the cell site in place and make it permanent, which the people in Mangaia were delighted about. The trial confirmed that the equipment was suitable for Manihiki so the installation of a cell site for Manihiki was scheduled for January 2011 said CEO Jules Maher.

Located at Tukao and Tauhunu, the new cell sites in Manihiki, means that residents can now enjoy the benefits of Telecoms Kokanet mobile phone service. Customers can now be in touch by mobile phone anywhere on the island, the lagoon and for several kilometres out to sea.

This will be especially welcome to residents who previously had no landline service and who may have spent most of their time on the lagoon working on the pearl farms.

 We are fine tuning and need to complete a few more things, but we have tested the service in Manihiki and found it to be pretty good. We have tested the Tukao cell site and found it had a signal about 7 miles out to sea towards the north. The Tauhunu site which we tested isnt as good, but only because its on a pole which isnt as high said Chief Technology Officer Robert MacFadzien.

Picture of trying the new services by Cook Is Prime Minister, Hon Henry Puna

For more information, contact Telecom Cook Islands General Manager Telecom

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