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More submarine cable landings in the Pacific....20Dec09

French Polynesia, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Marshall Islands reported recent landing of submarine optic fibre cables to their respective main centres, marking a begining to a new era, for unprecedented high speed access to the super digital highway.

The Honotua cable, connecting Tahiti and neighbouring key outer islands from Moorea to Bora Bora to Hawaii will bring new dimensions in boosting tourism and businesses and enhancing it as holiday destinations internationally. According to the local telecom sources, this cable will remove latency and bandwidth issues with double-satellite-hop and will significantly improve quality of voice, video and data, bring about new e-applications, scientific and educational research applications including cooperation with international institutions and universities for training.

FSM, marking this landing as a final breakthrough will anticipate e-commerce, e-medicine, e-education, and will attract new investors as a possible hub with high speed international connectivity..according to FSM Telecom source.

For Mashall Islands, in an interview with the Local Daily - The Marshall Islands Journal, a Bank Chief Information Officer described the new opening as bringing technology and broadband on steroids and will now enable different business models never able before

Both FSM and Marshall Is are connected as branches of a main US Military cable connecting Kwajalein and Guam but operating independantly.

It is expected that these countries will begin fully testing/using these cables from March 2010.

Congratulations to OPT PF, FSMTC and NTA and their respective governments and supporters.

The other Pacific Island countries, territories and states served by cable include Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Saipan (Northern Marianas), Guam and Hawaii
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