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1st ever online PacNOG proved worthy -PacNOG 26 held online .....posted

The 26th PacNOG is the continuation of the educational conference and training for IP/ISP network engineers, but is marked by its first ever session held entirely online. Holding the activities online was not only a response to the COVID-19 situation for the continuity of training needed, but with the training held entirely online, is also as a test of the capabilities to harness the use of technologies for continuity and development.

PacNOG targets the technical audience responsible for such capabilities, for connectivity of networks and application across different mediums of physical connections, delivering and securing the needed services such as Internet Broadband, Remote working, and Web services, to name a few,  to government and enterprise agencies, businesses and public.

With the convergence of services to Internet based platforms, a key enabler for digital transformation, there is a greater need in the Pacific to raise the critical mass of knowledge and skills in this special area to ensure the region is not excluded from the digital benefits. As such, PacNOG with other capacity development programs forms part of the approach to address these training needs, for this special area of expertise.

PacNOG 26 was attended by over 60 engineers from network operators across the telecoms and ISPs, government and enterprise networks, as well as from the academic networks in the Pacific.

The main sessions over the two weeks include

  • 1 day Conference for operational topics on internet networks, 30 June, 2020
  • 2 days Tutorial on Internet Routing Security on 01-02 July , and
  • 2 days Tutorial on DNS Security, held on 07-08 July 2020

With speakers from the agencies and network operators at the conference, the tutorials were conducted by APNIC, ICANN and NSRC

PacNOG 27 is expected to beheld in early December 2020. Interests can be directed to the PITA Manager or to any of the PacNOG partners, APNIC, ICANN (Oceania) and NSRC.


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