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LTE spectrum issued for Fiji operators.....01Aug13

At the conclusion of the LTE spectrum auction earlier held in Fiji on 24 July 2013, the following LTE channels were issued:

in the 700MHz, 3 channels each to Telecom Fiji Ltd and Digicel Fiji Ltd

in the 1800MHz, 3 channels each to Telecom Fiji Ltd and Digicel Fiji Ltd, and 6 channels to Vodafone Fiji Ltd

This was for the first time that spectrum was allocated using auction, stated the Ministry of Communications of Fiji in its earlier invitation for registered participants.

With the aim to provide spectrum allowing delivery of superfast 4G mobile services to the latest generation of mobile devices, the people of Fiji will now expect with the successful acquisition of the 4G spectrum that the 4G services to be implemented in the next 6 to 12 months.

There were a total of 105 Mhz of spectrum made available in 21 slots/channels of 5 MHZ in the 700, 800 and 1800Mhz bands. However, no one entity is allowed to bid for more than 30Mhz (or 6 channels) in total across these bands.

With minimum opening bid values pre-set for each slots ranging from 131,000 to 500,000 Fijian Dollars, the auction was conducted in an open and ascending bid basis, and resulted with slots in the new acquisition of all the slots in the 700 and 1800Mhz bands except for the 800Mhz

A total of 5.5million Fijian Dollars was earned from this auction exercise.


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