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Kacific signes connectivity deal with Tuvalu ....posted

               Tuvalu nine islands covered by Kacific beam

The Island State of Tuvalu will have a new high-speed broadband internet with the signing of high speed capacity satellite connectivity on 22 July, 2020 with Kacific Broadband Satellites.

Signed with the Government of Tuvalu, the new services from a dedicated Kacific high throughput beam positioned over Tuvalu will see direct beaming of high quality internet and communication access to the nine islands of Tuvalu. The new connectivity, as stated in the Kacific press statement, will now provide Tuvalu with unprecedented volume and flexibility for communications via satellite. We understand that this would mean  new enabling to Tuvalu, not only for a uniform and high quality services for government, social and economic activity over the Tuvalu archipelago, but also where needed, allow dedicated bandwidth to emergency situations anywhere in the island group using the small and easily moveable antennas to access the Kacific beams.

Congratulations to Tuvalu with this strategical decision to address the urban and rural island communications in one milestone step. 

The current signed agreement provides a total committed capacity of 150Mhz for this small islands state.

Prior to the new services by Kacific, the nine islands rely mainly via a mix of terrestrial wireless (over the ocean) and separate satellite agreements.  

The current telecommunication services provider in these islands is the Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation, a  Government corporatized entity serving a population of 8-10 thousand citizens.

View Press release by Kacific Broadband Satellites

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