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Communications readiness for disaster and emergencies....posted 19Mar15

No one could ever really know the full impact of a natural disaster on a community, country or region

However, in minimizing these impacts many have adopted plans for preparedness, response, recovery and mitigations, regularly assessing them, consistently checking for vulnerable points while also learning from the experience of others

This is certainly a topic that many of the PITA Members and other organizations and country will have on their minds following the aftermath of the super storm TC PAM, hitting Vanuatu very badly.

It is great to hear of the resilience of the people of Vanuatu in the recovery, and greatly heartening to see the quick support and aid from individuals, regional, international organisations and governments given from Day 1. ..but there is still much work to be done and coordinated.

A number of PITA Members on hearing the extent of damage, on their own accord or jointly in a supporting spirit started coordinating for their on-site support to transfer specialist manpower and specialized telecommunications and emergency communications equipment to help in the quick restoration of the telecommunications network and services there.
From the PITA Management and members, we extend our deep heart felt sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones and best wishes for a Godspeed recovery for all in Vanuatu.

We will continue to work together amongst the PITA Community in improving the level of responses and network/service resilience, learning from each other with the help of our global friends, partners and supporting players.

PITA Management Committee

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