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PITA 23 AGM quick access links: AGM breaks record...posted 18April19

Quick access link:

Click here for the program outlines, and related information and photos

Click here for details and copies of presentations (require password)

For the 1st time in a PITA AGM, concurrent sessions were formally organised having 3 to 5 parallel streams addressing different topics of interests. As a result from the increase in sessions, a total of over 70 presentations were delivered and shared during the AGM week from 08-12 Aril 2019. 

This has far superseded the usual level of information formally shared from the podium at the AGMs, from 30-40 presentations if there was only one plenary stream to exceed 70 with the addition of parallel stream, and undoubtedly non achievable if the AGM had to run on its traditional format of plenary session throughout, maintained in earlier AGMs in view of the limited line managers attending. The new format had not only provided the much needed platform to bring to the table the diversity of priority and operational topics for the information and exchange needs of members, but also brought to the AGM the much needed enrichment by the diversity of participation and achieve real synergies and value for everyone; for members, associate members, sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, and international and regional players attending PITA.

With positive feedback, and good attendances to the sessions, the plan to have concurrent sessions as a regular feature in the AGM is now considered in the blueprints for the future AGM Planning, and to the PITA strategies. At this last AGM, it saw sessions providing opportunities for different players to share their views and discuss on the mainstream themes at the  national and regional interests level, PITA CEOs presenting on regional Initiatives such as for the Green PITA plan, Regional hubbing and consolidation, country case studies on new innovations to include adjacent industry for the common benefits, mobile industry association case studies for development, industry presenters on priority and trending technologies impacting the telecom/ICT sector such as 5G, IoTs, Cloud, nextgen Connectivity, etc,and also included were the hands-on technical and business topics for operations, planning and development. Different tracks during the concurrent sessions at the breakouts included these key skill base areas and managers, for (1) technology, (2) financial, (3) regulatory and (4) marketing-CS.

The PITA 23rd AGM also saw the introduction of a number of special sessions to bring together players having common interests on trending topics and who would be needing such time to discuss  into some depths. Being also well attended even to the last day of the week, these sessions will be considered again for future meetings with topics that may differ from time to time. At this last AGM, the special sessions held were for (1) CEOs Forum, (2) Ministers' Forum, (3) Submarine Cable Communications and Development in the Pacific, (4) Satellite Essence for the Pacific, (5) E-Government, (6) Cyber Security and (7) OTT. 

PITA is really thankful for the positive response from the new formats, with members bringing more than one line-managers and key players,  the positive feedback and suggestions from attendees, and also for the experience gained to plan, manage and coordinate going further to the next level.

Some key AGM numbers include:

  • +300 participants
  • 123 organisations
  • 39 countries/states

For more details, or comments and feedback, email to the PITA Manager

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