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new PITA Executives elected at the PITA 23 AGM....update post 24Apr19

The PITA 23rd AGM election saw a change of hands for the PITA President, from Tonga to Fiji, and 2 new incoming PITA Executives, from Guam and the Cook Islands.

A 4th Executive is being considered to maintain the complement of four persons in the PITA Executives, and an announcement to this effect is to be made soon to the members.

Here's the current Executive complements as of today,

  • PITA President - George Samisoni CEO FINTEL
  • PITA Executive Member - Phillip Henderson, Bluesky Cook Islands
  • PITA Executive Member 2 - Ms Sharon Cassidy, Docomo Pacific GUAM

..and as pictured below

The new PITA Executives joined by all members of PITA thanked the outgoing executives who had ended their terms at the PITA 23rd AGM, namely Sione Veikoso from Tonga Communication Corporation, Fredy Perman from FSM Telecom, and Loyley Ngira, who had now retired from Solomon Telekom.

For any further information, contact the PITA Manager

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