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PITA concludes its 12th AGM on a high note.......posted 01May08

Despite the great travel challenges to meet in Palau, over 120 delegates from 13 Pacific Islands and from developed countries convened at Koror, the capital town of Palau for this AGM

The PITA AGM is its premium event allowing members opportunity not only to deliberate on PITA next workplans and Budget, but also to raise, exchange and resolve some of the key challenges affecting them and the region. Some of these key challenges include country code number hijacking, best connectivity options, transitions to next generation telecoms, policy & regulatory challenges, cooperation and new innovative solutions required in billing and in optimising resources.

The 4 days meet, from 21-24 April also included a 1 day of concurrent training on satellite communications, implementing the Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange for GSM roaming, NGN & VoIP, and closed Regulator forum following its training on DNS.

Over these four days, members have also the opportunity to exchange with peers, renew and discuss new business opportunities with other members and suppliers. "Having made 16 meetings with the various Pacific Is and other suppliers, it has really made it worth this travel, although very challenging" said one of the Associate Member in regards to the opportunities for bilateral. The local community including chiefs and businesses also attended, giving them an insight of communications issues, developments and challenges, and also opportunity to exchange user needs and views with the operators, regulators and delegates in the meeting.

The meet in every sense was of great value with inhouse business of PITA including workplan and budget for 2009 endorsed, renewed exchanges and cooperation with ITU, APT, ICANN & APNIC & World Bank, country report exchanged, regional approaches on common key issues established, lively discussions of new trends, exchange of needs and new solutions, and many opportunities for bilateral, networking and socialising. During the closing session, all delegates stood up to give applauses to the host team PNCC, with their exceptional hosting, great support from sponsors and local business community. Maui Sanford, the PITA President said, "PNCC has now set new standards for hosting AGMs." In a way the PITA 12th AGM augurs well with PNCC's hosting with the appointment of Mr Richard Misech as its first local General Manager a few days before the AGM, and earlier during the inhouse PITA business, Ms.Blanch Salii, Manager Regulatory for PNCC was endorsed as a new Member of the PITA Executive Committee, representing the Micronesia region.

Prior to the meet, a fishing derby organised for members at the Rock Islands saw an esky of bottom and reef fish donated to the local hospital.

For any further information, feel free to contact the PITA Manager

Presentations made at this meeting are now available on this PITA website, requires member login.
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