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Observations of recent PITA Fraud Forum workshop from International Hub - commsRISKS ....posted 22Aug16

Pacific & International Participants at the PITA Fraud Forum workshop training......
16-18 Aug 2016, Auckland; Hosted by TNZI and SPARK NZ

Observations on recent PITA Fraud Forum workshop from commsRISKS
It was a privilege to be invited to travel half way around the planet to participate in the fraud forum of the Pacific Island Telecommunications Association (PITA), and I jumped at the opportunity. There I met RAFM practitioners from New Zealand and Australia as well as many Pacific islands including Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, the Solomons and the Cook Islands. Put simply, I went all the way to Auckland to learn that the Pacific Islanders face all the same challenges as telcos back home!

The forum discussed fraud and revenue assurance issues that most telcos have to endure, and the quality of the work done in response is similarly comparable to that found elsewhere, even though the resources may sometimes be limited because the Pacific telcos serve relatively small populations. The conclusions I reached were that the best work done in this region deserves to be shared much more widely, and we need to redouble our efforts to collaborate with specialists everywhere. more

About commsRISK
Commsrisk is a website and social media hub that reports on the risks faced by electronic communications providers and their customers. We cover a broad spectrum of risk and assurance challenges because we see the connections between them; customer privacy is undermined by security weaknesses, technology exploits are invented by criminals, disgruntled employees are more likely to collude in fraud, and so on. Our content is written by industry insiders with a first-hand understanding of the impact risks can more

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