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PITA Strategy Forum 2019 brings together over 45 organisations from 24 countries ....posted 24 Oct19

With over 100 participants from 49 organisations in 24 countries, the PITA Strategy Forum 2019 wasted no time to commence exchange on revolutionary market developments from new digital technologies, such as Cloud & Hybrid Cloud, Digital identifications, AI, Data Protection, Block Chain, open APIs, optic fibre to the device, and 4G to 5G capabilities including new digital connectivity, and how these will impact on commercial, policy and regulatory strategies and roadmap.

The key theme for the PITA Strategy Forum 2019 was for the continuity to seek, harness and fast track on the new digital technologies for the development needs of the region, and particularly this year on going beyond the fiber, access and connectivity technologies, exploring how Cloud platforms and Intelligence of Things can bring smart solutions to help in bridging Digital Gaps and reduce costs. Chief Guest speakers were the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Communications for Fiji, and a representative from the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Of practical interest was the cloud platform to provide exchange point or Hub for voice services, as the CEO of the Technology provider, Cataleya said, "this is to extend to include other services in the near future, such as messaging and roaming as a start." In a country report by Tuvalu Telecom, its Chief Technical Officer said "that this new cloud service does not only save them the capex and operating costs but will also provide scalability for future needs, and a great enabler for direct interconnections  with other members. He further added that "this has also allowed us to re-focus into developing local access, and should there be any outage to the Cloud, provisions to localise the same service is there for continuity."

The PITA audience also heard of a further Cloud concept for Telecommunications Hub, providing a list of centralised resources and technology, including a regional Training platform. 

On the topic of Digital transformation within telecoms, driven by the great need for new heights in operational efficiency, speed, agility and, to respond to the tremendous pressure on business, the audience were informed that a number of key technologies have gone through successfully the proof of concept, and are now in the process of implementations across the industry, to digitize and automate the trust within telecoms facilitating the much needed enhancements in B2B and B2C activities, thanks to the global efforts by the industry associations like TM Forum and market leaders. Practical case studies presented on this topic included PCCW on blockchain positive impacts for secure transactions and automations in intercarrier business, from DGIT on open APIs, for application programming facilitating greater interconnectivity for business processes,  and from  Alibaba, a leading B2B/B2C provider who shared on their digital journey with Cloud and AI implementation to bring new quality of experience for secured online shopping. 

Topics of innovation included telecom transformation to diversify into non traditional areas such as for hospitality, and public sectors with SaaS. A winner from the Youth Innovation Hub by UNDP was also invited and impressed the audience with the development of Mobile App for Healthcare.  

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Appreciation and acknowledgement is extended to the support by ITU, Ministry of Communications Fiji and the sponsors, as follows

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