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Satellite Engineers familiarise with PITA Regional Disaster & Emergency Communication System.......posted 29Oct10

Telecommunication Engineers from Pacific Islands today completed their 3 day familiarisation training of a pilot transportable disaster and emergency system comprising of a VSAT antenna system and a RECOM switch.

Both systems, currently the pilot setup for the PITA Regional Disaster & Emergency Communications System were donated by NZAID and Redcom Laboratory Inc USA respectively.

Connectivity will be via the Telecom NZ iDIRECt hub with plans being developed to diversify connectivity via hubs in Australia and other countries strategic to providing rapid connectivity to designated crisis management & communication centres (CMCC). Plans are also to include space segments where needed by Intelsat and SES World Skies.

According to the PITA Regional Disaster & Emergency Communication Plan, there will be further steps to upgrade the current pilot antenna system to include data and internet, in addition to voice connectivity. Driven by the need to save lives and quickly restore key life supporting services, the core of the regional plan is a Communication and Coordination Manual that will ensure rapid deployment and connectivity to allow life saving & key restoration begin works as soon as practical, and the subsequent normalisation of systems for readiness to next deployment.

Technically the system is now ready for deployment and operation but PITA will formally present its regional Disaster & Emergency Plan for members, government and industry players to endorse and take ownerships of relevant procedures and processes. Once th
is is done, PITA will seek further partnerships to include more diversity of connectivity, sub regional CMCCs, and other quick deploy-able systems of different sizes and capabilities, allowing rapid responses to the various disaster and emergency scenarios and situations that may arise anywhere in the Pacific.

The training was held at the TNZ Warkworth Satellite Communications centre, on the North Island NZ.

installing feedhorn and BUC
antenna done, working on the satellite modem
group photo with pilot setup using C Band
group with the automated readyconnect voice, data & internet capable KU Band
group with portable BGAN antenna, wifi, voice, data & internet capable

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