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Network Engineers from 11 Pacific ISlands attend PacNOG24 ..... posted 28June19

Today, 59 network engineers from 11 Pacific islands will complete their week-long training at the PacNOG 24th Educational Conference and Workshops, held at the Bluesky Samoa complex, in Apia Samoa.

There were 3 breakout streams covering specialty topics on the following

  1. Campus Network designs and operations
  2. BGP and Routing Security
  3. DNS and DNS Security

Acknowledgement, Support and Sponsors

PacNOG 24 has been made possible with the ongoing partnership of APNIC, ICANN, NSRC and PITA, and the Host, Bluesky Samoa, in Apia

PacNOG and PITA as the organising partner would like to thank the following sponsors:

Major Sponsors at PacNOG 24, namely APNIC, ICANN, NSRC and PITA, and Bluesky Samoa

    logo nsrc         logo bluesky-samoa  

Supporting sponsors namely SPTEL, and Teletok Tokelau.

Read more, agenda ad pictures

Women in ICT
It was great to see women engineers also participating in PacNOG24

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