PITA was formed in response to specific regional circumstances back in 1996 with the goal of providing a forum for those involved with telecommunications in the Pacific, to exchange experiences, to help formulate solutions relevant to the region, to provide training opportunities and the regular exchange of information, and to be a Pacific voice in the international communications environment.

Initially hosted as a regular forum for telecommunications at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat's technical division, when that division closed, PITA was formed. Its hosting was then rotated on half yearly basis between FINTEL and Telecom Fiji Ltd in a transition period until a PITA Office was established and full time Manager appointed. PITA’s Office is based in Suva, FIJI.

What is PITA?
The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) is a non- profit organization formed to represent the interests of Pacific Islands in the field of telecommunications.

The object of the association is to improve, promote, enhance, facilitate and provide telecommunications services within Member and Associate Member countries.


PITA Members are telecommunication entities registered in the Pacific, i.e. Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Government Members include Telecom/ICT Policy and Regulatory agencies from the Pacific Islands.

Associate Members are Industry players from around the world that also includes suppliers and manufacturers of telecommunication technologies, solutions, equipment and services.

Development Partner agencies comprise of Regional and international organisations that works closely with PITA in the common vested interests in telecommunications and its development.

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