Our Team

The PITA team mainly consist of two groups,

Executive Committee,

This is the executive and governing arm of PITA and comprise of the following officials

  • President – elected on three yearly basis
  • Vice President – elected on three yearly basis
  • Executive Members – there are two Executive Members elected on three yearly basis. An additional Executive Member may be appointed by the EC for the non represented region
  • Manager – Appointed by the PITA Executive Committee and is the full time officer of PITA

Management & Operations

The lean team of PITA consists of the following:

  • The PITA Manager, who reports to the PITA Executive Committee, and leads, manages and oversees PITA operations, planning and development, that include meetings and activities, workplan and budget, PITA services, advocacy, external relations and membership
  • Admin & Accounts Assistant assist manage the PITA Office, provide general secretariat support (admin), and accounts services

Adhoc Teams or Individuals may be appointed from time to time by the Executive Committee, such as Expert Advisors, Working Group or Ambassadors/Rapporteurs for specific projects or missions


Mr Phillip Henderson
PITA Vice President

CEO Telecom Cook Islands Ltd t/a Vodafone Cook Is
Cook Islands

Elected at the PITA 24th AGM, 24 June 2020

Ms Christina Lasaqa
PITA Executive Member

CEO Solomon Telekom Company Ltd - Our Telekom

Solomon Islands

Elected at the PITA 26th AGM, 21 April 2022

Mr Semisi Panuve
PITA Executive Member

CEO Tonga Cable


Elected at the PITA 26 AGM, 21 April 2022

Ms Steincia Olter-Hawley
PITA Executive Member

Carrier & International Business Manager, FSM Telecommunications Corporation (FSMTC)
Federated States of Micronesia

Appointed 01 August 2023

Mr Fred Christopher

Suva, FIJI

Appointed on 21 November 2001

Ms Deborah Albert
Administration & Accounts Assistant


Started with PITA in 2018