Innovation is a leading enabler for ventures to grow and succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape. It plays a pivotal role in driving differentiation, competitiveness, and sustainability for businesses of all sizes.

It brings together ingenuity and outside of the box approach to unique needs, challenges requiring unique and special solutions.


This section in general is to provide a central platform for updates on innovations, for creative ideas, and a match making of initiatives, ideas and pledges with development and support partnerships.

  1. PITA pledges show submitted initiatives of PITA at various external match making platforms. It aims to promote them and attract partnerships through other platforms, example, the ITU Partner2Connect (P2C) that may result with partnerships for technical support and assistance. Such support and assistance can be channeled via the other platforms where the relevant PITA initiatives are posted.
  2. Received Pledges received from members and stakeholders highlighting initiatives to undertake according to their timelines, and for consideration of potential partnerships by other members and external agencies. Examples can include but not limited to: pledging to implement new enabling technology and application, improve digital experience, security, access, etc.
  3. Incubator is a dedicated section on new ideas in the incubation phase, seeking support from anyone who can contribute to turning these innovative concepts into reality.

How to

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