The primary goals of PITA activities are to facilitate for, represent and achieve the desired outcomes of the collective member needs and interests, to present opportunities to meet these outcomes and objectives of PITA, and help raise the minimum critical mass for human capacity with member organisations to achieve these outcomes and objectives.

With the relenting climate change, and the drive to provide broadband for all, topics such as smart islands and digital societies, disaster readiness, network resilience, business continuity, cyber security and internet safety have become equal priority to bringing ubiquitous and affordable broadband access to everyone, to accelerate the digital adoption and transformation, and last but not the least, to achieve the minimum critical mass for local expertise1 across the Pacific Island members,

The activities of PITA revolve around the following principles

  • Goals and needs that determine the Annual work plans
  • Accommodate requests that PITA Members may raise at any time of the year
  • Be open to collaboration and partnership with organisations having common goals in the Pacific

PITA maintains an office located in Suva, Fiji, and operates from this registered office as its head office.

1 See Training Section

Regular and Ad hoc sub-forum meetings at PITA events

These are special forums organised according to some common factor and networking to raise effectiveness of meetings, such as the following

  1. CEO Forum – a free moment for CEOs to informally meet and exchange. It can be organised at any time, or held at the suitable PITA main meetings. See more
  2. Ministerial forum – where there are three or more Ministers attending PITA event, to provide to Ministers a platform to meet peers informally. See more
  3. Fraud & Revenue Assurance forum – like the CEO forum this is a regular annual event but can be held upon a member request any time in the year. See more
  4. Regulator forum – with PITA meetings, there are potential synergies to organise special meetings of participants with common interests and roles. Developments do not advance in isolation, and so the meetings would be inclusive for regulatory topics, including special sessions where requested
  5. Ad hoc forums – these are forums formed during PITA meetings or other times when needed based on a common basis such as on need, risk, technology or action point; for example, satellite and subsea communications forum, cyber security, Disaster readiness, e-Gov, and more when needed. See more

Opportunities at PITA Activities

The following opportunities may be available at open (non-closed) PITA activities, such as the annual meetings, topical workshops and technical forums.