Celebrating the Success of PITA 28 AGM: A Feat of Collaboration and Resilience

May 7, 2024

The accomplishments of the PITA 28 AGM in Vanuatu serve as a testament to the collective endeavor and resolute dedication of its members. Particularly noteworthy is the swift response by Interchange Limited, who hosted the event on notably short notice, with less than three months to prepare. The PITA 28 AGM Business Conference & Expo 2024 was held on 29 April to 02 May 2024 at the Warwick Le Lagon Vanuatu, in Port Vila.

Organizing such a significant event demanded meticulous planning and unwavering commitment from all involved. From securing a suitable venue, accommodations, and necessary facilities to crafting a comprehensive program and securing quality speakers, every aspect of the AGM’s execution bore the hallmark of concerted effort and diligent preparation.

The considerable support extended by sponsors and attendees underscored collective enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to ensuring the event’s success. With over 270 participants representing diverse organizational backgrounds spanning 35 countries, the PITA 28 AGM again served as a fertile ground for the exchange of insights, experiences, solutions, and ideas needed to help members find innovation, bridge the gaps with technology, business challenges, and emerging trends for a sustainable digital future.

Over 80 speakers participated in 30 sessions. Visit the Event Microsite for details [Link]

In addition, a special training for the national administrator agencies was also organized over the four days on ITU Spectrum Managment Systems for Developing Countries. (SMS4DC)

In extending accolades, Mr. Nyall Downer, General Manager representing the Host, and Mr. Phillip Henderson, PITA Vice President, expressed their sincere respect and appreciation to all members, friends, sponsors, speakers, and support staff whose efforts and unwavering commitment contributed immeasurably to the AGM’s resounding success. In their shared sentiments, they said that everyone demonstrated the essence of teamwork and determination, a reminder of the strong bond and support within the PITA community that will be needed to face the disruptive future together

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