The Role of Mobiles in Humanitarian Actions training

July 26, 2023

Whilst preparing for any emergency and disaster is everyone’s concern, speciliased organisations created to oversee and coordinate national preparedness and mitigation, need to be on top of all possible options for actions in mitigation and responding to various humanitarian and emergency scenarios that may occur from disasters. Innovative communication is therefore very vital for the effective coordination of such actions, in particular with the wider partnership from multiple bilateral involved to prepare and address the growing scales of humanitarian impacts and needs.

Undoubtfully, the role of mobile and mobile technologies has been recognised as critical to the success of disaster response efforts and the delivery of humanitarian actions.

Thus, it is crucial for players holding key coordinating positions to fully understand how the role of mobile can support these efforts through effective training and development of communication policies.

Through a short course coordinated by PITA and made possible by GSMA capacity development program, a two day training with total of six hours contact on exposing the Role of Mobile for Humanitarian Actions was concluded on 26 July 2023. Participants were from the National Disaster and Emergency Management agencies, Regulators and MNOs from 9 different Pacific Island countries, namely Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Tuvalu and Kiribati.

Short courses delivered interactively online at different times target quick transfer of key information and fill knowledge gaps to such players amidst ongoing roles and occupation that may deter longer term courses. PITA fully supports such smart opportunities and quick wins in its continuing strategy to build capacity in the region.

In addition, such short courses provide unique opportunities for these key players to build relationships for networking, closer exchange and sharing of common needs and experiences for development.

PITA is much grateful to the support by GSMA in delivering this short course.

End note: PITA will work with different partners such as GSMA for this case, ITU and other key specialised organisations on many other cases on similar and different needs and actions.